President and CEO Shin O

President and CEO,
Shin O

Our company operates under the vision of “Make People from All Over the World Love This Country” We aim to alleviate various inconveniences faced by foreigners in Japan, and by doing so, we strive to increase the satisfaction and repeat visit rates of foreigners coming to or residing in Japan.

While we anticipate that sudden declines in tourism, like those caused by the COVID-19 crisis, may occur in the future, we believe that the fundamental desire of people to travel, the increase in global overseas travelers due to the economic development of emerging countries, and the unique and attractive culture, tourism resources, and working environment of Japan indicate a macro trend of increasing numbers of visitors and spending by foreigners in Japan in the medium to long term.

Beyond the short-term realm of tourist visits, we also consider long-term foreign residents in Japan as our customers. We aim to address the various challenges and inconveniences they face in Japan. Through our services, we hope to make more and more foreigners fall in love with Japan and wish to return. We are committed to expanding our business and pioneering new ventures, aiming to lead the industry in expanding the market for visiting and residing foreigners in Japan.

2023年8月30日President and CEO, Shin O Shin O