When was the company established?
The company was established in October 2015.
Please refer to the company overview for more information.
Where is the company listed?
It is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market.
What is the stock code?
The stock code is 5587.
When was the stock listed?
It was listed on August 30, 2023.
When is the fiscal year-end?
When is the financial results announcement?
Please refer to the IR calendar.
Is there a shareholder benefits program?
Not at the moment.
How do I proceed with procedures such as name changes and address changes?
For various stock-related procedures, please contact the securities company where you have opened a trading account.
Where can I check past performance?
Please refer to the Earnings Briefing and Securities Report posted in the IR Library.
Where can I contact for other IR-related inquiries?
Please contact us here.