Privacy Policy

Our company view the protection of the personal information collected through our business activities and of all the people involved (including shareholders, employees, etc.) as a very important principle.
As such, we will take appropriate measures when handling personal information.
The following describes the measures we uses in order to safely manage personal information, in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related laws, social norms, public order and morals, etc.

1. Acquisition and utilization of personal information

We will acquire and utilize personal information within the scope necessary to fulfill our business activities and will not utilize personal information for any other purpose.
Unless otherwise required by relevant laws and regulations related to our activities, we will not disclose or leak the information to third parties without your prior consent.
Upon obtaining the prior express consent of the person, the Company shall be able to use personal information for other purposes, or disclose it to a third party
In order to facilitate the business, the Company may entrust all or part of its activities and may provide personal information to third-contractors within the necessary scope. We will implement appropriate supervision, including the conclusion of contracts regarding the handling of personal information.

2. Compliance with laws and regulations

When handling personal information, we will check and comply with the guidelines, regulations, and other standards established by the country, including the ones related to the Personal Information Protection Law.

3. Implementation of measures to protect personal information

In order to ensure that personal information is handled safely and appropriately, we will establish a management system for protecting personal information.
We will also strive to prevent personal information from being lost, destroyed, falsified, damaged, or leaked. In addition, if any deficiencies are discovered through daily checks and internal audits, etc., we will promptly investigate the cause and take corrective measures.

4. Inquiries and complaints

We have established a support desk in order to respond promptly to any inquiries and complaints concerning the handling of personal information.

5. Continuous improvement of personal information management system

In order to protect personal information and to adapt to changes in social conditions, information technology as well as our business environment, we will strive to continuously regularly improve our personnal information management system.

6. Cookie policy

What is a cookie
Cookies are small text files that websites place on the computers and mobile devices of people who visit those websites.
These files are then read by the website each time you return to the site. These text files allow a website to remember your device and how you interacted with the website, which is useful for a number of different purposes.
Other functions of cookies are to provide custom advertising to users based on searches and personal interests, as well as site performance cookies that enhance website use by remembering things such as custom video streaming or volume settings you have selected while using the website in the past.

Managing cookies
The User can allow, block or remove the cookies using the options settings for the browser installed on their computer. As the method varies depending on the browser, please check the "Help" menu of the browser for more information.
Please note that in the case of rejecting all cookies, you may be restricted in using various services on the Internet, such as not being able to receive services that require authentication.

How we use cookies
We use cookies for the following purposes:

■ When users log in to authentication service, we refer to the stored user registration information so that we can provide customized services.■ To serve you with advertisements that may be relevant to you and your interests through third-party companies such as Google, Yahoo! Japan, Facebook, etc.However, these do not contain personally identifiable information and will not be used for purposes other than advertising distribution. In addition, users of our website can disable the use of cookies by accessing the opt-out page. In that case, please visit the following opt-out pages and follow the instructions.






■ To analyze the number of users and traffic on our website.■ To improve our services■ To maintain security, to prompt users to re-enter their password (re-authentication) after a certain period of time

In addition, we may store and refer to our cookies through Yahoo! JAPAN, which we entrust for the delivery of advertising.

7. Purpose of use

(1) Purpose of use
Provision of products and services in the following business (*)
Providing after-sales services
Billing and storage of various information related to our activities.
Examination and development of new products and services related to our activities.
Information on products and services.
Employee training to optimize sales methods.
Market research related to our business.
Implementation of sweepstakes and special campaigns.
Data analysis.
Responding to requests for disclosure based on the Personal Information Protection Law, and monitoring and auditing regarding the handling of personal information
Contractual relationships with business partners or shareholder management and other data creation
For exercising rights and fulfilling obligations based on laws and regulations
Employment of employees (including recruitment) and personnel management
Employee benefits
Management of equipment such as our facilities
Provision to third parties for the following purposes:
Other areas necessary for carrying out our activities

Business name and description
Wi-Fi Division
Rental of mobile router and accessories, sales of SIM cards, etc.
Management of media website for foreign visitors to Japan (including affiliate advertising business)

RV Division
RV rental in Japan and abroad through affiliated rental agencies.

Foreign Currency Exchange Division
Face-to-face currency transactions, etc.

(2) Provision to third parties
In the event that there is a debtor who does not pay the charges related to our activities and the payment due date has passed, or when there is a dispute over the amount of non-payment and delinquency, the name, address, information, etc. may be provided to other companies involved for the purpose of preventing non-payment of charges related to our activities. The entity responsible for the management of the personal information handled by the Company is the Company.

In the event that there is a debtor who does not pay the charges related to the Company's business even though the due date has passed, the Company may provide information such as the name, address, date of birth, and non-payment amount for the purpose of collecting the arrears fee.

The Company may provide personal information to those who carry out due diligence (investigation of the company's activities) in the event of business reorganization, merger, organizational reform or business transfer.

8. Disclosure and provision to third parties

Regarding the provision to the outsourcing contractors described in this Privacy Policy, except when using for the purpose of providing the above third parties and when falling under any of the following, we do not disclose or provide personal information to third parties.

・ When we obtain consent from the user
・ When the information disclosed is in a state where the user cannot be identified specifically, such as statistical data
・ When disclosure or provision is requested based on laws and regulations
・ When it is necessary for the protection of human life, body or property and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
・ When national or local governments need to cooperate in carrying out public affairs, and there is a risk of obstructing the performance of the affairs with the consent of the person

9. Procedures to respond to requests for disclosure of personal information

Requests for notification of purpose of use, disclosure, correction, deletion, suspension of use, etc. of personal information can only be made by the person or agent.

If the claimant is the person and you do not need a written response, please first notify the company reception desk below that you wish to disclose, delete, or edit your personal information. We will respond appropriately and without delay to the request after verifying the identity of the principal.

If the claimant is an agent or wishes to receive a written response, the request for disclosure is accepted only in writing. Apply for a “personal information inquiry application” to our reception desk and fill in the required information. Please enclose a 300-yen stamp and mail it again to our reception desk. Details will be explained at the time of inquiry. We will respond promptly within 7 business days after arrival.

Please understand that if you correct, delete, suspend, or edit some or all of this information, you may not be unable to use some of our services. In addition, information held based on laws and regulations, such as the Labor Standards Act, may not be deleted.

Whichever method you request, when personal information cannot be disclosed due to laws and regulations or if it has already been deleted, please understand that we may not be able to respond to your request.

・Correction / Deletion

With respect to the contents of the Company's retained personal data, If you wish to correct, add or delete your information and after confirming that the person who made the request is the principal, we will comply within a reasonable period of time.

・Suspension of use

With respect to the contents of the Company's retained personal data, If you wish to suspend the use and after confirming that the person who made the request is the principal, we will comply within a reasonable period of time.

・ When the Company uses personal information beyond the scope of the purpose of use described in this Privacy Policy without the consent of the individual

・ When the Company acquires the personal information illegally

・ When the Company disclose personal information to a third party illegally

Information Desk for Disclosure and Opt Out

For requests regarding disclosure of personal data held by the Company and inquiries regarding other personal information, please contact the following information desk.

Please understand that there may be cases where we cannot respond to requests for disclosure.

Where to submit inquiries regarding personal information:
Inbound Platforom Corp., Personal Information Inquiries
Address: 5th floor, SW Shimbashi Building, 6-14-5 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004
Tel: 03-3437-3129 [Reception: weekdays from 10: 00-17: 00]
Click here for the inquiry form
Personal Information Protection Manager: Takayuki Hara