Basic Policy on Anti-Social Forces

Inbound Platform Corp. has established and complies with the following basic policy against anti-social forces.

Inbound Platform Corp. will primarily ensure the safety of its employees against anti-social forces and implement appropriate measures as an organization along with our executive management team.
Inbound Platform Corp. will confront anti-social forces that threaten our society's order and safety with absolute resolution. We will not have any relationship including any business partnership with anti-social forces.
In order to eliminate anti-social forces activity, Inbound Platform Corp. will establish a collaborative relationship and maintain close communication with outside professional organizations, including the police, lawyers, along with the Anti-Social Forces Elimination Center.
Inbound Platform Corp. will decisively reject any unreasonable demands from all anti-social forces with absolute fortitude. Inbound Platform Corp. will take whatever necessary civil and criminal legal action to respond to these demands.
Inbound Platform Corp. will not negotiate any under-the-table deals or provide funds to anti-social forces to resolve any kind of issue.