We provide Pocket Wi-Fi, RV rental, foreign currency exchange services, and online travel information so foreign visitors can enjoy Japan even more.


Our business operations primarily cater to foreign visitors in Japan.
The services we provide include:
Wi-Fi Rental: We provide rentals of portable Wi-Fi routers, SIM cards, and pocket translators, not just for international but also for domestic travelers.
Life Media Tech: We offer online information and digital solutions to support the daily lives of foreign residents in Japan.
RV Rental: We offer campervan/RV rentals for customers, both domestically and internationally.
Web Media: We operate a web media platform targeting tourists coming to Japan.
Chat-based Concierge: We offer concierge services to customers, mainly inbound travelers, through our app.
Consulting: We provide consulting services focused on inbound support for various businesses including restaurants, retail stores, e-commerce platforms, activity operators, media companies, and transportation infrastructure companies.