Basic Approach to Corporate Governance

Our company recognizes the importance of swiftly responding to changes in the business environment, achieving sustainable business development, and gaining trust from stakeholders as critical management challenges. We are committed to enhancing the soundness, transparency, and efficiency of our management by strengthening our corporate governance structure, ensuring thorough compliance, and emphasizing the timely and appropriate disclosure of information.
Firstly, in line with the intentions of the Companies Act, we adopt directors and statutory auditors from outside the company. This ensures that even as we expand our business, we maintain a system that can continuously supervise our management.
In addition to the financial reporting required by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, we also prioritize the reliability and transparency of a broader range of disclosures. Under a robust internal control framework, we strive to provide swift and accurate information disclosure and fulfill our accountability to all stakeholders, including shareholders and investors.
Furthermore, when making significant management decisions, we seek advisory services from law firms, certified public accountant firms, and other experts as needed. This ensures that our management decisions are guided by legal, accounting, and tax controls.

Overview of Corporate Governance Structure and Reasons for Adopting Such Structure

In our company, we have established an effective corporate governance structure that incorporates external perspectives by setting up an independent business planning department directly under the President and CEO, establishing a Board of Statutory Auditors, and appointing external directors and external statutory auditors.
We have adopted our current structure to ensure the transparency and soundness of our management and to swiftly respond to changes in the business environment.

Corporate Governance Structure Diagram

Corporate Governance Structure Diagram

Corporate Governance Report

Our company has submitted a “”Report on Corporate Governance”” to the Tokyo Stock Exchange.