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We welcome people from various backgrounds and cultures. We also emphasize diversity in work styles that suit each individual's career expectations.

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Q:Please tell us about your daily work.

I work as a customer service representative for the Wi-Fi division. We support customers mostly by email or phone, in English. In order to keep a high customer satisfaction, it is important to quickly resolve any complaint or question.

Q:What do you find rewarding in your work?

We receive inquiries from foreign customers who want to use our services to enjoy more their trip to Japan. I am always glad when we receive comments such as "I will recommend you to my friends who want to visit Japan" or "I will use your services again".

Q:What message do you have for future employees?

If it is your first job, you can easily ask questions about things you do not know. For those who already have work experience, I think you will also get new insights. Let's continue to give the best customer service possible!

Kayo Yamamoto Wi-Fi Rental
Kayo Yamamoto
Wi-Fi Rental
Masakazu Yamazaki RV Rental
Masakazu Yamazaki
RV Rental
Q: Can you describe your daily work?

We promote RV rental services in the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia to Japanese customers. Our aim is to serve 500 customers annually. To achieve this goal, we constantly work on raising brand awareness and improving our website.

Q: What do you find rewarding about your work?

When we started, we rented only 10 vehicles in the first year. RV awareness in Japan was quite low. However, in recent years, trends like "glamping" and "car sharing" have gained popularity and recognition. Now, one doesn't need to own an RV to enjoy camping; they can simply rent one instead. We now manage camper rentals in five countries, including Japan, serving more than 300 customers annually. This growth and impact are rewarding for everyone involved.

Q: What message do you have for future employees?

I still remember vividly what my boss told me when I started to work a few decades ago: "In any company, no matter where you are assigned, give your best effort for the first three months. This commitment will shift your attitude and become your new normal. Whether you have been able or not to endure these three months, this can make a significant difference even 5 or 10 years later." I do believe this is true. So, during those first three months: do your best and hang in there! The rewards will indeed come.

Q: Please tell us about your daily work.

In Web Media, we provide travel information to foreign tourists visiting Japan. With our articles, we try to introduce popular destinations and restaurants, but also aim to reach as many people as possible. If you are interested in travel or Japanese culture, I think you can easily link hobbies and work.

Q: What do you find rewarding in your work?

When planning to travel oversea, I think that many people rely on web search engines. And if you look for Japan, you can see that the articles that you published are helpful to many people. I am glad when some friends tell me they read my article and found it useful, it increases even more my motivation.

Q: What message do you have for future employees?

When I was looking for a job, my first thought was: "Well, you don't know unless you try it...". But actually, there are many things you can do in this line of work to make tourists visiting Japan happier. I am glad to have found a place where you can work on things you are interested in or good at.

Yusuke Suto Web Media
Yusuke Suto
Web Media
Naho Miyazaki Web Media
Naho Miyazaki
Web Media
Q: Please tell us about your daily work.

Our Web Media provides travel information to foreign visitors to Japan. To deliver up-to-date articles that match their needs, we investigate the latest trend, visit places in person, and conduct interviews.

Q: What do you find rewarding in your work?

Based on my travel experience and life overseas, I try to write articles from the perspective of travelers. I'm happy when I get feedback such as "I read your article and visited the place you mentioned" or "Thank you, this is the kind of information I was looking for!".

Q: What message do you have for future employees?

Regardless of your background and skills, you will be encouraged to challenge yourself and expand your potential. I started with zero experience, so join us and find what you like and are good at!